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Ball sensor, Notices, Pitfalls, Security… We reveal everything to you!

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Full Sensor Ball Analysis

Ball sensor

Product Name : Ball sensor

Brand: Poméol Acti Ball

Responsible: Clémascience Laboratories.


French language

Pitch: 15-day appetite suppressant slimming cure.

Price: €29.99

Format: Bottle of 90 capsules

Delivery: Colissimo with tracking.

Warranty: 15 days.

Description of Sensor Ball:

“Capteur Ball” is a dietary supplement to prevent obesity that combines natural products with the same power as a gastric balloon without the negative effects of surgery on health and on the wallet!

Evaluation of Sensor Ball:

“Ball Sensor” has been added to the list of products that help overcome overweight.

It is a somewhat original product since it is a kind of natural vegetable gastric balloon without surgery that tries to stand out by guaranteeing remarkable weight loss in just one month!

Let’s take a closer look at this medical device designed to eliminate extra pounds and prevent obesity.

The “Ball Sensor” medical device

In the fight against overweight and obesity, it is now possible to access more practical and effective solutions. “Capteur Ball” is one of them.

As mentioned before, “Ball Sensor” is a class ll medical device developed by Clemascience Laboratories. It is a product designed to promote weight loss in a natural and effective way. Its use also helps to fight against obesity.

In reality, “Capteur Ball” is a natural gastric balloon presented in the form of capsules, born from an innovative formula. Each capsule contains vegetable microfibers which have 5 specific actions.

They are also based on ingredients carefully selected by experts. It should be noted that it is a healthy product offering a remarkable result.

The method of operation

The “Capteur Ball” has a gastric balloon effect, which makes it an effective slimming product. Indeed, when the microgranules arrive in the stomach, they will swell. By increasing in volume, they promote the feeling of satiety. Thus, you can reduce the amount of food consumed.

The manufacturer describes 4 other specific actions of the “Sensor Ball”. On arriving in the stomach, the product will capture the sugars, fats and calories ingested. Their elimination will be done in a natural way. Thus, in the event of a deviation, you will not risk storing calories and increasing your weight.

Added to all this, this medical device is also an effective and lasting appetite suppressant. It is therefore a good ally to fight against snacking, considered to be the main causes of weight gain.

Another major function of the “Ball Sensor” is the regeneration of the bacterium Akkermansia muciniphila. The latter allows an acceleration of weight loss by boosting the production of metabolites.

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The ingredients of “Capteur Ball”

“Ball sensor” is a product obtained from scientific studies. In other words, users can rely on the safety and effectiveness of the product. In addition, it is a regulated medical device that has obtained CE0477 marking.

The main component of the “Sensor Ball” is the patented complex of skilfully selected plant fibres. It contains extracts of apple, oats, carrot and fructo-oligosaccharides.

The shell of each capsule is based on hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. For binders, the manufacturer has chosen to combine calcium chloride and sodium alginate. Each capsule contains 438 mg of microgranules.

How to use

The “Captor Ball” has been designed to help you reduce your appetite and capture the calories your body will store. To take advantage of the beneficial effects of this slimming product, take 3 capsules twice a day. The tablets are to be taken with a large glass of water before the two main meals.

The “Ball Sensor” medical device is presented in a box of 90 capsules and is designed for a 15-day cure. It is possible to renew the treatment once. That said, its maximum duration is set at 30 consecutive days. During this period, you will take 180 capsules. If the goal has not yet been reached, you can start a new treatment for 30 consecutive days after a 5-day break.

Effectiveness of “Sensor Ball”

As for the outcome, it varies from individual to individual. But in general, the use of the “Sensor Ball” allows an average weight loss of 2.78 kg in 30 days. It can go up to – 4.4 kg. Of course, to obtain an optimal result, it is necessary to adopt a healthy, varied and balanced mode of food. The practice of a sports activity is also recommended, as it accelerates the process of weight loss and improves health in general.

The advantages of the natural gastric balloon

The “Capteur Ball” is a modern slimming product that allows effective weight loss in just 30 days. For people who have a high BMI or are at risk of falling into the obesity trap, using this natural gastric balloon is a good option.

The “Ball Sensor” also proves to be a safe and 100% natural product. It is based on carefully chosen ingredients and the formula used in its manufacture is the result of scientific research. In other words, it has no side effects and is not likely to harm your health.

We must add to the list of major assets of the “Ball Sensor” its ease of use. The capsules are easy to swallow and have a long-lasting effect. They can keep you from feeling hungry for 4 hours, which reduces the risk of snacking. The “Ball Sensor” is therefore an alternative to surgery. In addition, the use of medical devices is a means of avoiding the storage of fat in the event of a deviation.

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Questions answers :

This chapter will help you answer the most frequently asked questions about “Ball Sensor”.

Who are the people who cannot use “Sensor Ball” in any way?

“Sensor Ball” is prohibited for children under 18 and pregnant or breastfeeding women. The same is true if your BMI (body mass index) is less than 18.5. Do not use in case of allergy or intolerance to any of the components present in the formula. In addition, as this medical device can influence blood sugar, it is recommended that people with diabetes talk to their doctor before starting this cure. Finally, it is important to consult your doctor before using this product, especially in the event of ongoing treatment or illnesses.

What ingredients make up “Sensor Ball”?

“Captor Ball” consists of carrot, oat, apple and fructo-oligosaccharides. Capsule: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; Binders: calcium chloride and sodium alginate.

Is there a health hazard?

No, if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to the letter, “Ball Sensor” should not be hazardous to your health. Note, however, that it can still cause side effects such as intestinal disorders, bloating, increased transit or constipation. If you experience the slightest adverse effect, you must stop the treatment and contact your doctor if the symptoms persist.

Can I take “Sensor Ball” at the same time as other dietary supplements?

It is strongly recommended to space the intake of the “Ball Sensor” medical device by at least 4 hours from that of other supplements such as contraceptives, vitamins, antioxidants or even essential fatty acids…

How should “Ball Sensor” be taken?

The dosage of “Capteur Ball” is 3 capsules twice a day, to be taken with a large glass of water at the start of the 2 main meals of the day. Never exceed the daily dose of 6 capsules. The maximum duration of treatment is 30 days, it will then be necessary to take a break of at least 5 days before renewing the experience.

What results can we expect?

A study over 30 consecutive days in 25 overweight people demonstrated an average reduction in appetite of 4 hours for each intake, a reduction in calories ingested by 25% and a weight loss of 2.8 to 4.4 kg in 30 days.

Further information :

Ball sensorYou can buy “Ball Sensor” online at The distributor provides a home delivery service and a pick-up point.

First of all, there is the “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. It allows you to return the purchased product within 15 days of the date of receipt.

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Regarding the terms of payment, you can pay for your order by credit card, PayPal or by virtual e-card. Security is always there. It is possible to pay the invoice in 2, 3 or 4 instalments.

This natural gastric balloon device is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Disadvantages of Sensor Ball:

“Sensor Ball” is not a miracle solution, a healthy and balanced lifestyle is necessary if you want to obtain satisfactory results!

Precautions for use

Do not consume in case of allergy or intolerance to any of the components of the product.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Do not exceed the recommended cure time.

This product should be stored in a cool, dry place away from light in a tightly closed container.

Keep out of reach of children.


“Sensor Ball” is not recommended for children under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is preferable to have a medical opinion beforehand for the people who follow a specific medical treatment.

As a natural gastric balloon, “Capteur Ball” is only dedicated to overweight people, with a BMI (Body Mass Index) between 25 (inclusive) and 30 (exclusive). If your BMI is less than 18.5, this product should be avoided as it guarantees rapid weight loss.

It is also important to mention that this medical device can have an influence on the blood sugar level. Thus, people with diabetes who plan to use it are required to adjust their treatment in order to prevent hypoglycemia. They should therefore seek advice from their attending physician.

Side effects

“Capteur Ball” is a slimming product born from a well thought out and scientifically studied formula. It should not have any adverse effects, especially when the dosage and duration of treatment are well respected.

For the most sensitive people, it is still possible that intestinal disorders such as bloating, an acceleration of transit or constipation occur. If you experience side effects, it is important to stop the treatment and contact your doctor if the symptoms persist.

Reputation of Sensor Ball:

The reputation of this slimming device is ‘half fig, half grape’ with testimonials reporting very positive results and others which on the contrary refer to a total absence of effect on weight loss!

Conclusion for Ball Sensor:

Based on the very divided opinions of the Web, it seems that the natural vegetable gastric balloon without surgery “Sensor Ball” is not unanimous when its effect on appetite control and weight loss in general .