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Baking soda at home: how to use it? (10 uses)

Ecological and biodegradable, baking soda is an alternative to many everyday household products. Multi-purpose, it works wonders in any room of the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and even the laundry room. To learn more about the uses of baking soda at home: this is where it happens!

How to use baking soda at home?

In anti-limestone for the bathroom

Baking soda is a formidable weapon to overcome the worst enemy of the bathroom: limestone! It appears, in fact, very efficient to remove deposits of limestone. It can thus be used to clean a shower wall, a place where limestone tends to accumulate.

To start, sprinkle a sponge previously moistened with bicarbonate of soda. At the same time, spray white vinegar on the shower wall. Wipe the sponge over the entire shower cubicle, then let it work a few minutes. Finally, scrub the shower screen, before rinsing with plenty of clear water.

baking soda, sponge, lemon and recycled plastic spray

To clean the dishwasher

A dishwasher that’s starting to smell? Now is the time to act! And that’s good: baking soda is a product ideal to clean and remove bad smells of dishwasher.

To do this, add 180 g baking soda soda in a container, then place it inside the dishwasher, on the upper part. Then pour 250ml of White vinegar in a bowl, then place it inside the dishwasher, on the lower part or in the drum. Finally, run a wash cycle, and voila!

As a natural deodorant

Baking soda is the ingredient perfect to effectively neutralize smellseven the most persistent ones.

To use baking soda in natural air freshener, nothing could be simpler: just sprinkle a little powder in the places concerned! Whether it’s in the toilet, the fridge, the trash can, the litter box or the dishwasher, baking soda works wonders.

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Good to know : Baking soda is a good product for maintaining pipes. And for good reason, it dissolves surface deposits that cause bad odors.

To scrub the toilet

For some clean toilet and scentless, nothing like baking soda! By dint of flushing, the toilets tend to scale up. Baking soda helps, precisely, to fight against the phenomenon. In addition, in the event of difficult flow, it makes it possible to unclog effectively clogged drains.

Baking soda, an essential to make the laundry even whiter

Baking soda is a unavoidable to make natural and ecological household products. Used in a homemade detergent, it allows not only to wash clothes to perfection, but also to recover the white of a slightly tarnished garment.

By cleaning the oven and hobs

Maintaining the oven and hobs is not always easy. However, it was without counting on the bicarbonate of soda, which makes it possible to clean in all simplicity the oven, like the hotplates! It also makes it possible to overcome traces of boldeven the most stubborn ones.

To do this, mix baking soda soda andwater, so as to obtain a paste. Then apply the paste obtained on the surface to be cleaned, then let it work a few minutes. Finally, rinse and observe the result.

To remove scale deposits from the iron

A scaled or blackened iron soleplate can cause a lot of damage to textiles. Hence the importance ofmaintain regularly ! Baking soda is a strong ally to thoroughly clean an iron and prevent scale deposits.

To start, sprinkle some bicarbonate on your iron. Note that the iron must not be in working order and must be completely cooled before carrying out the operation. Then pass a slightly damp cloth on the soleplate of the iron. Finally, rinse and admire the result.

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As a fungicide for the garden

Even more surprisingly, baking soda can be useful in the garden. And for good reason, it is a formidable fungicide ! It allows not only to overcome mold and moss, but also to repel insects malicious.

examples of uses for baking soda at home

To revive the color of furniture and walls

Want to breathe new life into a dull piece of furniture? Baking soda is the solution!

To do this, mix 20 g baking soda soda, 10 cl of vinegar alcohol and 50 cl of water. Rub the furniture with the mixture, pass a damp sponge, then dry. Tada! The furniture is now like new.

As a pH stabilizer for the swimming pool

Few people know it, but nevertheless: baking soda is a natural product that is particularly effective for stabilize the pH of the water of the swimming pool ! It prevents algae from settling in the pool and proliferating.

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