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advertising-poster-artichoke-forteARTICHAUT FORTE, a dietary supplement for weight loss that takes its name from the artichoke, this common vegetable that we regularly find on our plates.

The artichoke has been attributed all sorts of virtues, and nowadays we are beginning to highlight its very promising slimming properties.

Is this new hope for people looking to lose weight? Is Artichoke Forte the new weapon to fight against extra pounds?

To discover this product, read this test…

Artichoke Forte, the product we are testing today, is a fat burner packaged in the form of capsules containing a “hyper-concentrated” formula of Laon artichoke, and allows, in addition to weight loss, to fight against cellulite.

Is it really the long-awaited ideal slimming supplement to regain a dream figure?
Fasten your seatbelts, Artichaut Forte is taking us on a program…rich in surprises…

Artichoke Forte, promises truly amazing

advertising-poster-artichoke-forteIf you go to the official Artichaut Forte website, prepare to be impressed by the incredible success of this slimming supplement!

Artichoke Forte is “The most concentrated Laon artichoke capsule ever designed for slimming.

Artichoke Forte offers “6 times more slimming action than those artichoke “shots” seen on TV”

Testimonials speak of losses of “32 kg in 4 months” or “15 kg in 9 weeks”!

As usual with us, and as you must certainly know if you are one of our regular readers, this kind of dreamy promises, these charming testimonials, and this play on words and supporting photos, instead of touching us causes us to be on our guard and to make more research efforts.

Make way for the manufacturer…

Artichoke Forte, a product marketed by the Company Perfline

Before starting this part, note that Artichoke Forte is officially marketed by the company Perfoline. And given the impossibility of determining the exact identity of the laboratory behind the manufacture of this product, and given that all our research undertaken in this direction always brings us back to this same company, we considered it useful to present the latter to you in some words.

From our research, it results that Perfoline is a simplified joint-stock company with a single partner. Based in Paris VIII, it specializes in distance selling on the general catalogue!

On the official website, there are other products that relate to: performance and recovery, slimming and fitness and health and well-being.

However, what interests us the most and what we aspire to, we have not found: who makes Artichoke Forte!?

A question that remains unanswered.

All we could find was a simple mention:

“Made in France EMB 07240B

Distributed by: Perfoline SAS

12/14 Champs Elysées Roundabout

75008, Paris, France.”

The EMB code 07240B is just a simple packager code.

The Composition and ingredients of Artichoke Forte

What if, despite this bad start, Artichoke Forte had some pleasant surprises in store for us, but this time in terms of its ingredients?

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Artichoke Forte contains the following ingredients:

Maltodextrin is a slightly sweet polysaccharide that is assimilated faster than glucose. It is a processed additive.
In 2006, in the United States, there were more than 20,000 cases of stomach cancer caused by the consumption of maltodextrin according to the Heart America Health Association. A study which, unfortunately, could not be published on the pretext that it could cause financial losses estimated at billions of dollars for American companies.
The use of maltodextrin has been banned in several countries.

2. LAON ARTICHOKE DRY EXTRACTS (Cynara sclolymus) titrated to 5% cynarin:
Cynarin ordicaféylquinic acid is a biochemical produced and extracted from the artichoke.
It represents healing properties in the liver and gallbladder.

3. GELATIN (capsule):
It is considered according to European standardization as an ingredient and not as an additive. It is made up of 98% protein and contains 18 amino acids with very low nutritional value.
Its role here is to preserve the active ingredients contained in the capsule from the effects of light and oxidation.

4. MAGNESIUM STEARATE : anti-caking agent
It is a common salt used in the capsule manufacturing industry.
A distinction is made between magnesium stearates from animal sources, generally bovine, and those from vegetable sources used nowadays for health safety reasons to replace the former.
According to the information issued by the manufacturer, we cannot deduce from which source comes the magnesium stearate contained in Artichoke Forte, animal or vegetable?.

By listing this list of ingredients, one realizes that the main ingredient is none other than cynarin. And Perfoline rightly claims that it is this substance that is at the origin of the spectacular results of Artichoke Forte on weight loss.

It is known that cynarin is recommended to promote the elimination of toxins from the liver and reduce bad cholesterol. It increases the secretion of bile and thus facilitates digestion.
The artichoke, which is the source of this substance, is also known for its diuretic effects, since it participates effectively in the prevention of the phenomenon of water retention and helps the proper functioning of the kidneys.

These two actions make artichoke leaf extract an excellent natural diuretic.

If it does contain artichoke leaf extract, Artichoke Forte may help you lose weight. But water weight, not fat.

The list of ingredients displayed by the manufacturer does not mention the exact dosage of each substance contained in the capsule. The absence of this information does not allow us to announce ourselves as to the effectiveness of this product.

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CAUTION : Remember to stay well hydrated during a diuretic treatment!

Artichoke Forte & Research Scientific

Do you want to be reassured about the effectiveness of Artichoke Forte?
The manufacturer of Artichoke Forte puts science forward to support the slimming virtues of its product.

Looking a little closer, we realize that the scientific studies mentioned certainly relate to the healing properties of the artichoke, but NEVER to the slimming effects of it.

Remember at this point that the diuretic effects of the artichoke have been demonstrated by studies carried out only on animals, but never on humans.
As for its effects on overweight and obesity, to date, they have not been the subject of any known scientific study.

Dosage or how To take Strong Artichoke

Artichoke Forte comes in the form of capsules.
The manufacturer’s recommendation is to take 6 capsules at the rate of 2 capsules 3 times a day, a quarter of an hour before each meal.
It is mentioned that the program must be renewed every 15 days.

The manufacturer also displays on its site, the nutritional values ​​which correspond to: 6 capsules = dry extract of Laon artichoke titrated to 5% cynarin 600mg or 18g in dry plant equivalent.

Side effects & Contraindications

Also on the official website of the Perfoline company, no side effects or contraindications are mentioned. The only indications we have been able to find are:

  • Cannot replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  • Do not leave within the reach of children.

No particular indication for pregnant or breastfeeding women, for people undergoing medical treatment or suffering from a particular discomfort.

We remind you once again, especially for people who are in a particular situation like those mentioned above: consult your doctor before starting any weight loss treatment!

We remind you that the exact dosage of the ingredients contained in Artichoke Forte remains unknown. This prevents us from expressing ourselves as to the effectiveness of this product, and the absence of any undesirable side effects.

Testimonials and consumer reviews Strong Artichoke:

From another angle, and leafing through the impressions and opinions of consumers about this company and this product, we found ourselves faced with general dissatisfaction. A fact that was quickly reinforced by the presence of customer comments on the facebook page itself of the said company, and which is also empty of any useful information.
Examples of comments posted about this company:

Let’s quote the opinion of this consumer:

Hello, I am MFFAYET. You charged me 2 times 59.90 euros for products. Finally, I’m not leaving anymore, so send me these products urgently. Thank you »

Or, this testimony unearthed on a famous site of the anti-scam network, where we find:

Testimony received on March 12, 2014

“I am here to inform you of the problems that I am encountering with the company PERFOLINE, based in Nice, whose head office is in Paris, 12/14 Rond-point des Champs-Élysées. According to the PERFOLINE blog, I’m not the first.

On December 18, 2013, I received my order for “ARTICHAUT FORTE 30 DAYS”. From the beginning, this treatment caused me side effects. As provided for in the contract, I returned everything via their VILLERS LA MONTAGNE service provider to obtain a refund of €56.80.

To date, no refund, despite several phone calls (unsuccessful because no one online) and two emails remained unanswered. This company is missing subscribers.”

Faithful to our editorial line and our charter, we remind you once again: the testimonials collected on the net do not appear among the test and evaluation criteria of a tested product. We want to mention and publish this kind of testimonials to allow you complete information. After that, you are free to search even more to confirm or deny what these testimonials contain. We are content to offer you an objective, impartial and well-founded test.

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Price & Guarantees of Artichoke Forte:

On the Artichaut Forte commercial site, you have the choice between several formulas according to your objective and your budget.

  • Starter program: 2 pill dispensers of 90 capsules at €39.90;
  • Reinforcement program: 4 pillboxes of 90 capsules (+ 1 free bodyscan), at €69.90;
  • Reinforcement plus program: 6 pillboxes of 90 capsules (+ 1 free bodyscan), at €99.90;
  • Global program: 8 pillboxes of 90 capsules (+ free bodyscan + toothbrush), at €120.90;
  • Global program plus: 12 pillboxes of 90 capsules (+ 2 free pillboxes + 1 free bodyscan + toothbrush), at €149.90.

Artichaut Forte guarantees you an immediate and total refund in the event of non-satisfaction. To check!

Our notice about Artichoke Forte:

In the light of this test, we believe that the artichoke is an excellent diuretic, but we would like to express our dissatisfaction with the absence of any mention of the manufacturer’s laboratory, the absence of the dosage of the ingredients, and also the absence of scientific studies approving these promised effects.
On the other hand, the reputation of the company that markets Artichoke Forte does not give us confidence.

Artichoke Forte and You, a long story you want to share? Do not hesitate to use our form below to express your opinion.

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