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3 reasons to favor sustainable products

Generally, when you make purchases, you are not always aware of their impact on your environment. Indeed, you buy products whose use represents not only a danger for the planet, but also for your health. Sustainable products are undoubtedly a better alternative. Discover here 3 reasons why you would prefer them.

To benefit from the quality factor

The quality is the first reason why you should favor the use of sustainable products. Moreover, if you want to take advantage of tips and tricks to put into practice, you will find on blogtuto, a multitude of articles dealing with different subjects. However, be aware that when you buy a product, you must first ensure its quality. To do this, take the time to check not only its compositionbut also its Place of manufacture.

In this regard, the reference ” Made in France “ may constitute an element to be checked during your purchases. A statistical study has also revealed that 47% of individuals wishing to make purchases consider that products made in France are of better quality. Generally, these are designed with biodegradable and solid materials. In addition, note that so-called sustainable products are respectful of environmental standards.

To reduce your carbon footprint and protect your health

In addition to the means of transport which have a large share of responsibility in the carbon footprint, it is important to point out that certain products also have them. These are those that do not meet environmental or health standards. Fortunately, the European Union has prohibited since 2018 the use of several compounds which are responsible for health problems. Admittedly, this reform affects several sectors. However, it should be noted that the textile industry was the most impacted. Among the compounds that represent a health hazard, you have for example the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or even the dichloromethane.

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Apart from these, this new reform has removed several other chemicals from the manufacturing process of clothes and shoes. Consumers therefore have the certainty that buying products made in Europe and more particularly in France guarantees a non-exposure products that are dangerous to health and the environment.

To reduce your expenses and save money

Sustainable products have a reputation for being cheaper. Indeed, they are designed based on technologies or innovative materials who offer them a better life and an slower wear. This is for example the case of LED lamps which are not only efficient, but also save money on electricity bills.

One of the characteristics of durable products is the possibility of repairing or changing any of its defective parts. This repairability therefore avoids consumers having to pay a large sum to buy a new replacement product. Once repaired, you therefore have the possibility of using it for many more years, without any risk. In addition, note that sustainable products cover several sectors. You have, among other things, agri-food, textiles, household appliances and even electricity production.