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15 ways to cover your terrace this summer (and get shade)

In summer, umbrellas are often used to shade the area. Did you know there are other options that are both durable and beautiful?

The terrace is an ideal place to spend time with your family and enjoy the good weather. Eating in the sun is not always pleasantit is therefore important to create shaded areas. You can protect part of your terrace from the sun, gusts of wind and bad weather. A covered terrace also creates a space between the outside and the inside, allowing you to build a real outdoor dining room, a living room or another type of room.

What are the best solutions to cover your terrace?

Of the easy-to-implement solutions exist to cover your terrace. They adapt to the configuration of your terrace and the space available. You can choose between pergolas, parasols, sails or retractable awnings. It all depends on your home and your budget.

The pergola

Because it is made of a wooden or metal structure, the pergola is durable and adapts to all shapes and configurations. The pergola roof is perforated to provide shade. You can have the roof equipped with adjustable blades which allow you to control the amount of light filtered.

The taut sail

If you want to give your terrace a bohemian look, the stretch sail is the perfect choice. It is inspired by the naval world. To create simple shading, hang large triangles of fabric along the walls.

The store

Attached to the facade of the house, the awning extends the interior space onto the terrace. The awning is available in a variety of modern and contemporary designs. It is made of waterproof fabric. You can find models that fold up and awnings that roll up in a box. You can also add a guinguette garland!

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The bamboo pergola

Bamboo, flexible and light, protects against wind, sun and rain. They shade areas that let light through, creating shadow areas. It is an excellent solution if you want to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Bamboos can be fragile.


The trellises are very easy to set up. The structure is made up of wooden or metal cleats. The base is covered with climbing plants that gradually take over the structure and form a green roof. This natural solution is particularly beautiful for a charming terrace.

The canopy

The velum is a large canvas blind that can be fixed or unrolled. To provide maximum sun and weather protection, it is best placed horizontally. It can be used to create a modern atmosphere. It can be removed in winter and cleaned before being reinstalled the following summer.

The veranda

The veranda not only covers the terrace but also creates a living space open to the outside. The terrace can be used both in winter and in the shoulder seasons.

The arbor

An arbor is an outdoor marquee made up of a flexible canvas and a metal structure. It can be mounted on a terrace to create a covered space.

Pergola with flowers

The pergola and the flowers shade the terrace .

Motorized awning

Motorized awnings make it easy to create shade on your terrace with just one click!


The reeds of the ceiling allow you to soften the shade.

An umbrella

This simple parasol, in XXL, can protect you from the sun.


You can enjoy both a shady area and a sunny area by covering only part of your terrace with reeds.

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A stretched canvas

Use a canvas to filter the light and cover your garden in a bohemian style.

A canopy

You can enjoy the outdoors even when the weather isn’t great by building an awning.

Want to cover your deck? Have you thought about shade sails?

A shade sail is a great way to cover your patio. It is a cost effective and easy to install solution. The sails are easy to attach and can be attached to walls without making holes in them. The shade sails can be easily installed using mounting poles available at all DIY stores. Even in hot weather you can enjoy the shade! Explore our 15 options to cover your terrace.

You can cover your terrace with a pergola or a veranda

You may not know whether to choose a pergola or a terrace. It all depends on theuse you want to give your space. A pergola is the best option if you want to be outside and protect yourself from elements and some heat. A conservatory is a great option if you are looking to create a living space which you can enjoy in summer and winter. To have a beautiful opening on the outside, it is possible to obtain a veranda with movable windows.