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10 tips to keep your spirits up

Between a daily life that is not always all rosy and a health and geopolitical situation that is worrying to say the least, keeping up morale can sometimes be quite complicated. But then, how to overcome the low morale and thus manage to stay the course? In this article, you will discover a dozen tips to keep your spirits up, or at the very least, regain them.

Keep morale up (or regain it): 10 tips!

Take care of yourself

To have peace of mind, it is essential to feel good about yourself. body. In the event of a drop in morale, do not hesitate to take a little time for yourself.

Take a bath from time to time, lighting a few candles and putting on relaxing music can sometimes be enough to make a difference in our state of mind. Furthermore, it is important to agree small pleasures : massage, spa, beauty treatments, or even a new haircut.

young woman relaxing to keep her spirits up

Change routine

Establishing a routine that emphasizes physical and mental health can be a good way to keep your spirits up. Sleep enough, to eat healthymakeexercise and indulge in rituals relaxationsuch as meditation or breathwork, are simple habits to adopt, but which contribute greatly to maintaining mental health.

Unleash your creativity

Boredom can lead to low morale. To give pep to your daily life, it is essential to agree moments escapein which we dare to fully express our creativity. Playing an instrument, customizing clothes, inventing a cooking recipe, painting furniture, dancing to one of your favorite songs… This is just a brief overview of the multitude of possibilities course to his creative spirit.

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Take a step back to keep your spirits up

It’s hard not to get caught up in the news given the health and geopolitical situation. In order not to be overwhelmed by anxiety-provoking information, it is important to take a step back. To do this, we must not hesitate to devote screen-free time to disconnect from this mass of information and reconnect to the real world.

Exchange with others

In the event of a drop in morale, it is important not to isolate yourself. It is necessary, in fact, to exchange regularly with its relatives and his friends to break the isolation and thus avoid depression. Moreover, meeting new people goes a long way in keeping morale up.

couple spending time together to keep their spirits up

Accept difficult times

Life is made up of ups and downs, it’s no secret. Therefore, it is important to cultivate optimism andaccept low morale. There will be days with and days without: that’s how it is! Anxiety, isolation, weariness, stress, overwork, the reasons for the blues are multiple and legitimate.

If one has the moral in the socks, the ideal is thus to let go, in accepting his felt. Acceptance of reality is a key to maintaining and regaining morale.

Be selfless to keep morale high

Making yourself useful is a good way to keep your spirits up. Showing kindness, offering a helping hand, being interested in others: small altruistic gestures, as insignificant as they are, all have a therapeutic effect! They are, in fact, good for everyone, including yourself.

To cheer up our seniors, it is possible, for example, toto write a virtual letter of support to an elderly person living in an EHPAD, thanks to the 1 Letter 1 Smile initiative.

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Cultivate a sense of gratitude

Isn’t the simple fact of living and not wanting for anything wonderful? To keep up morale, it is essential to look at the positive, not the negative. grow a feeling of gratitude would, moreover, have significant and lasting benefits on well-being. Receiving a phone call from a friend, enjoying birdsong, being healthy, enjoying good food: happiness is the sum of small pleasures.

Do something you care about

To maintain morale, it is imperative stop constantly procrastinating a project close to our hearts. In the event of a drop in morale, this is precisely the ideal time to put it in place. Launch a website, learn a foreign language, write a book, do volunteer work… It’s up to you!

Do not hesitate to get help from a professional

A drop in morale, however trivial, can lead to burnout, and sometimes even depression. So don’t play with sanity! If despite everything, it does not go well: it is then necessary to think of consulting a psychologist.

Take care of yourself and your mental health;