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10 natural treatments to relieve back pain

Excessive effort, poor posture, sudden movements, muscle tension related to stress, malformation of the spine… Many factors can cause back pain. Back pain is usually characterized by a dull, penetrating pain that intensifies with movement of the spine, and sometimes even coughing or laughing. According to a survey conducted by OpinionWay, nearly 9 out of 10 French people claim to have suffered from back pain in their lifetime. However, is it possible to fight back pain naturally? In this article, you will discover a dozen natural treatments to relieve back pain.

Back pain: how to relieve it naturally?

Epsom salt bath

Composed essentially of magnesium sulphate, the epsom salt helps reduce muscle tension and back pain. And for good reason, it is a anti-inflammatory natural ! On contact with hot water, Epsom salt dissolves and releases magnesium sulphate, which penetrates to the heart of skin cells. Heat and the active ingredients of magnesium sulphate, anti-inflammatories and painkillersthus offering complete relaxation of the back muscles.

Add a few tablespoons of salt from Epsom in L’water of your bath. Now give way to relaxation!

epsom salt for back pain relief

Mustard poultice

The use of mustard is not confined to the kitchen: quite the contrary! Mustard is indeed one of many remedies of grandmother and natural care for skin and hair. Moreover, thanks to its effect analgesicit is very effective in relieving back pain, especially in case of rheumatism.

To make a mustard poultice, mix mustard flour withlukewarm water, until a paste is obtained. Then put the mixture on a compress clean, then apply the poultice to the painful area of ​​the back. Let a ten minutesbefore rinsing.

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Osteopathy to relieve back pain

Several studies have succeeded in demonstrating the effectiveness of osteopathy in the event of persistent back pain. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of osteopathy still remains controversial. Other studies have, in fact, failed to demonstrate a significant improvement following the techniques used in osteopathy, compared to sham manipulations.

It is worth noting that health professionals advise against spinal manipulations, whether osteopathic or chiropractic, during the acute phase. The osteopathy sessions are rather indicated in the subacute phase, or else, chronic.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Did you know ? Cannabidiol, more commonly known as “CBD”, is very useful against the back pain and the contractures cervical. And for good reason, it promotes the relaxation of the muscles as well as the reduction of the tensions accumulated in the body! In addition, cannabidiol acts on pain receptors, thus allowing a reinforced action.

In case of back pain, cannabidiol can be used in the form ofoilof balmor even, of freeze. It can therefore be applied directly to the skin. Note that it can also be used by internal way. In any case, it is advisable to ensure the quality of the cannabidiol-based product, in particular by inquiring about the origin of the hemp used in the product.

CBD for back pain relief

Infusion of ginger and turmeric

The benefits of ginger and turmeric on the body are, so to speak, limitless. Turmeric, like ginger, is a great ally against pain. Thanks to their properties anti-inflammatoriesginger and turmeric are among the rhizomatous plants effective in relieving back pain.

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Prepare a infusion made of ginger and of turmeric, which you will drink throughout the day. Carry on priestuntil the pain decreases.

Muscle building to relieve back pain

Nothing like sport to relieve back pain! In case of back pain, it is better to favor exercises of muscle building borrowed from pilates. Such exercises encourage the intervention of deep muscles abdominals and promote straightening of the posture. They thus help to fight effectively against back pain.

Black seed oil

Derived from black cumin seeds, nigella oil acts as a analgesic and one anti-inflammatory. It is thus a formidable weapon against muscle and joint pain, and by extension, against back pain.

Perform a massage back withoil nigella : That’s it !

Black seed oil

Green clay poultice

Rich in trace elements and essential mineral salts, green clay contains many virtues. She is in particular anti-inflammatory. The green clay combined with a heat source absorbs the toxins accumulated in the body and thus relieves back pain in depth.

Mix someGreen clay withwaterso as to obtain a paste, then heat the clay paste obtained in the water bath. Once slightly warmed, apply it in poultice on the painful area for a maximum of of them timebefore rinsing.

Eucalyptus essential oil for back pain relief

Warming and soothing, lemon eucalyptus essential oil is a natural remedy for back pain. And for good reason, it has properties anti-inflammatories and painkillerswhich effectively relieve pain, aches and muscle stiffness!

Make a massage oil from a few drops oflemon eucalyptus and D’Black seed oil. Then perform a back massage with oil, at a rate of several times a day, until improvement. Good to know: if used cutaneously, lemon eucalyptus essential oil must be strongly diluted. It can, in fact, be irritating for sensitive skin. In addition, lemon eucalyptus essential oil is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is also prohibited in children under 6 years of age.

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White willow bark tea

White willow bark is a great natural painkiller. It contains, in fact, salicylates, precursors of the molecules found in particular in aspirin. Thanks to his action anti-inflammatorywhite willow bark is a good grandmother’s remedy for joint pain related to osteoarthritis as well as back pain.

Make a tisane at thewillow bark Whitewhich you will drink everything along the daytime, before meals. Be careful, however, beware of side effects and intolerances, since the active ingredient in white willow bark is an aspirin derivative.

Take care of yourself and your health;

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