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10 good reasons to consume local

Faced with inflammation, food shortages and environmental problems, it is becoming urgent to change the way we eat. And that inevitably starts with: buying local products! Focus on all the good reasons to consume local.

Buy local: 10 good reasons to take the plunge!

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Shopping on the internet is, of course, practical… But it is sorely lacking in human contact, is not it ? Consume localby going to a market, or else, in an Association for the Maintenance of Peasant Agriculture (AMAP), makes it possible to establish contact with the person who grew the fruits and vegetables that we buy. Shopping then becomes a good pretext for meeting people.

Preserve the planet

Buying local has a significant impact onenvironment. And for good reason, local products, whether food, textiles or objects, are subject to standards environmental often stricter in France, than in other countries! For example, French-made jeans emit less polluting discharges into water and soil than their Asian counterpart intended to be sold at low prices, in brands like HetM.

woman shopping at the market to eat locally

Buy at a fair price

To live decently and produce quality food, farmers need to sell their produce to a price just. Unfortunately, large retailers tend to pay farmers with a slingshot, which is the direct cause of the agricultural precariousness ! Consume local, is to buy at a fair price. In other words, it is buying at a price chosen by the producer in order to live well.

Reduce packaging

To reach our plate, local products do not need to be over-packaged, thus considerably limiting the carbon footprint. Buying local generates, in fact, a lot less waste. Make the choice of short circuit contributes greatly to reducing plastic packaging.

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Support farmers

Farmers do not count their hours and are often poorly paid. However, it is thanks to them that we eat our fill! Farmers are neither relocatable nor replaceable by machines. Favoring the short circuit, by consuming local and in season, therefore comes down to support the work of producers of our region.

In addition, buying local guarantees a dynamic occupation of agricultural land, while preserving the inheritance and the know how farmers. Moreover, consuming products from here contributes to the food sovereigntygiving priority to local production and favoring local markets rather than exports.

Encourage the local economy

Consuming locally means encouraging producers in our region who offer fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables. In the short circuitsas in the marketsor else, in the AMAP, there are no intermediaries between the producer and the consumer. And the fewer intermediaries there are, the better the remuneration for farmers! Buying local thus makes it possible to directly inject money into thelocal economy and, therefore, to energize it.

Reduce the impacts of transport

Many foods found in mass retail chains travel hundreds, and sometimes even, thousands of kilometers to arrive safely. By buying products grown near our house and season, distances are thus reduced, and at the same time, the negative impacts of transport on the environment are limited.

local market

Consume quality products

Buying local is above all promoting the know-how of our farmers! A know-how which, by the way, is adapted to the territory and the available resources. To be healthy and healthy, it is essential to eat fruit and vegetables from quality. The local offers, precisely, access to fresh food and subjected to a stricter specifications than in other countries.

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Furthermore, the products local and artisanal are not only of high quality, but also durable in time. France is home to talented farmers and craftsmen, so let’s take advantage of them!

Finding food independence

Faced with current and future crises and shortages, it is urgent to find a food autonomy. To do this, it is essential to preserve the land that feeds us and the activity of the farmers near us.

Consume local to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

Buying local broadens your horizons, that goes without saying. No more tomatoes in winter, make way for turnips and parsnips. By eating local, we are necessarily led to follow the seasons. And that’s good, fruits and vegetables have more flavor for our greatest pleasure!

Take care of yourself and the planet;