What is Responsive Design and Why Does My Website Need it?

What is Responsive Design and Why Does My Website Need it?why you need responsive design image

As the year 2014 draws to a close, you’re likely making new plans for your website in 2015. Some of these new plans may involve finding ways to increase page views and to attract a larger audience of visitors and readers. In 2014, you likely heard the term responsive web design mentioned a time or two and you may be wondering what’s all the hype with this type of web design and if your site really needs it. To answer your question, yes, in order for your site to survive in 2015 you’ll want to invest in a responsive design website.

Just what is responsive web design anyway?

A responsive design website is a site that has been carefully crafted to adapt to any digital device. With this type of design, your website is easily viewable on any PC monitor, smartphone, and other popular digital devices like tablets. The layout of the website adapts to any viewing environment making the site easier to navigate, easy to read, and easy to access from anywhere.

Everything on the website is reduced in size to meet the needs of the digital device attempting to access the site. Ultimately, the site has been optimized to enhance a viewer’s web browsing experience on their smartphone or tablet, ensuring a more pleasurable viewing experience.

What happens if my site is not responsive?

A site that does not feature a responsive design is at risk of losing page views and business depending upon the goals of the site. Why? Because the site is not accessible on certain devices, which means if someone attempts to access a non-responsive site from a digital device, the site will not load properly.

It will not load the same way on the device as it would on a PC desktop, which also means that the site is difficult to navigate, difficult to read, and unattractive. This then creates a chain of events that will deter the viewer from attempting to view the site again in the future. The site will continue to receive the same reaction from other new viewers unable to access the site from their digital devices as well.

Why does this matter now?

It matters if you want your site to survive the digital device trend. You’ll need to ride the wave of this trend by upgrading your website or blog as soon as possible. Studies show that more and more web users are using their digital devices to access the Internet, so if your site is not up to par with a responsive web design, you could be missing out and not even realize it.

And as 2015 steadfastly approaches, we’ll likely see many more new digital devices hitting the scene requiring a design that’s responsive. Let’s let the numbers do the talking here.

Here are some stats to consider if you’re still on the fence about this issue:

  • According to studies, 60% of web searches are made on mobile devices.
  • Instead of opening emails on their desktops, 51% of people are opening their emails on their mobile devices.
  • When shopping around on their mobile devices, 48% of mobile consumers hit up the search engines before making that final purchase.
  • An astounding 70% of searches made via mobile devices end with some type of action within just one hour.
  • Even more amazing yet is that 60% of the time spent on social media is made on digital devices like smartphones and tables.

These are some impressive statistics to consider in the New Year when making the resolution to give your website the upgrade to a more responsive design that it deserves. Start the New Year off right with a responsive design website that can adapt to any device.

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