6 Reasons Why Blogging is Good for SEO

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6 Reasons Why Blogging is Good for SEO

Just when we think we have search engines figured out, something changes in Google algorithms and we are left scratching our heads. Below are 6 reasons why you should blog in order to improve your search engine ranking.

Gone are the days of stuffing a million keywords into website content or blog posts since keywords do not hold the same weight as they used to. Instead try using keywords and key word phrases that people are searching, but not keywords that are over-searched. A fantastic tool for keyword research is the Google Keyword Tool. You can see how many people are searching a keyword or keyword phrase per month. I usually try to choose keywords somewhere in the middle of the results from my keyword research. That way I am getting good traffic, but will be less likely to get lost among my competition.

Images are another way to be found by search engines. Be sure to name your images using your keywords or keyword phrases. Use the same keywords for the images alt text. Since alt text is used to describe an image for people who cannot view the image, be sure to include a description that includes your keywords.

Fresh Content
Since most people don’t update the content on their website very often, blogging becomes a way of adding fresh content on a regular (hopefully weekly) basis. When Google returns results for a search, it will look for the sites that have the freshest content and return those first. This means that if your competitors have a blog and are adding fresh content to their site via blog posts on a weekly basis and you do not, their site will rank higher in the search engine results than yours.

Fresh content not only helps with your search engine rankings, but also keeps you in touch with your readers and helps to position you as an expert in your field.

Social Media
Since search engines return social media pages it is important to link your blog to your social media accounts and keep them up to date with fresh content. Think of it as one more way for potential clients to find you via a search engine.

Backlinks are also know as inbound or incoming links to a web site or blog post. Search engines use the number of backlinks to a website to determine its importance. Therefore, the more backlinks you have to your site, the higher you will rank on a search engine. One way to get backlinks to your site is to collaborate with another blogger in your field and ask them to link to your site on their blog. Return the favor by linking to their site on your blog.

When your readers are sharing your blog posts and subsequently creating more clicks, your website will become increasing popular and move you up in the search engine rankings. In order to facilitate sharing be sure to provide fresh and relevant content. If your readers enjoy your content and find it helpful, they will be more apt to share it.

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